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Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Still a bit stuck on DM-23044; not clear that this is making progress on Slack.
    • Will give this one more try today.
    • Chris can help out with this if there is no progress.
  • Completed DM-18849, DM-21481.
    • DM-18849 could use eyes-on from John Swinbank to make sure it's done.
  • Working on crosstalk coefficients, DM-23623.
    • Confusing state of this on the ticket!
    • Sounds like there are a bunch of competing requests for functionality on this ticket.
    • Agreed to write up what we've got now (freshly calculated coefficients, which are retrievable with a Butler get) on the ticket, then send that for review.
    • If further functionality requests emerge out of that review, we'll address them as new tickets.
      • Obviously, if the review says the coefficients are bad, they need to be recalculated here.
  • Goals for this week:
    • Finish both DM-23044 & DM-23623; address any further feature requests emerging from the latter.
    • And participate in the Algorithms Workshop.

Christopher Waters

  • Algorithms Workshop delaying a bunch of things.
  • Pushing on the overscan and Gen3 tickets; will need sign off from Paul.
  • Working on CI package; sounds like AuxTel, LSST, CPP will all be one package.
  • Then starting to work on DMTN describing handling of calibration products.