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(Default schedule is second Thursday of Month.)

0800 PT/0900 MT/1000 CT/1100 ET/1200 CLT

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  • Coordination of networking activities across Rubin Observatory

Discussion items






NET Action Items Status

Reminder: Work on your action items: International Communications (aka Long-Haul Networks)

Documentation updates schedule:

January - Continued work on  Rubin Observatory Network Verification Plan (including JIRA). 

February - Completed draft  Rubin Observatory Network Verification Plan (including JIRA).

March - Schedule and prepare for Rubin Observatory Networks Pre-Verification Review. Submit LSST Change Request to update LSE-78 Rubin Observatory Network Design (including Chilean, International, and US networks), to baseline Technical Document, and related milestones in PMCS.

April - Develop draft Rubin Observatory Operations Network SLAs.  

Update on CONUS Networks

CONUS Networks, including ESnet:

No updates, ATL - CHI circuits are up and running, production. ESnet6 optical system being deployed East - West.  Phase 1 (East Coast) is done.  Phase 2, 5 ongoing (Midwest).  Rubin Observatory waves are incorporated into ESnet6 optical plan. Start of upgrade work on 2 x 100 G ATL - CHI, probably in June, or July.

Chilean/International Networks Update

Developments in La Serena and end-to-end service to NCSA for upcoming Auxiliary Telescope Traffic and general (internet, mail, voice) traffic:

Introducing Cristián Silva New IT manager in La Serena, taking over Summit - Base IT and networks. Joshua Hoblitt , Eduardo Toro, Julio Constanzo assisting. Jeff Kantor  is still responsible for Base - Archive networks and still chairing NET.

Near term work to coordinate: IT-1762 (and placeholder SUMMIT-3917) - Plan for atarchiver/LATISS switch-over to LSST network (e.g. ungang atarchiver network ports), LSE-309 backbones/separation of traffic.

LS - NCSA 20G tests conducted with UDP, have not been successful with TCP.  Need to complete TCP tests and fail-over tests (today and tomorrow).  Servers are 10G connected, not critical to tune DTNs in using TCP.  GEANT can get 30G /100 G with TCP Europe - Australia.  JK - Tested (but unreliable) 20G is fine for LATISS, tested reliable 20G is needed for ComCAM.

NCSA - CC-IN2P3 Networks updateMatt Kollross

NCSA - CC- IN2P3 network:

RHJ - Met RENATER/GEANT/IN2P3, there is a circuit between Lyon and Geneva, which can used for LSST.  Will be doing test at least at 20G between Lyon - Geneva, onto GEANT, and then to London.   Making network map for what is currently there.  Would like to better understand what traffic is expected on transatlantic link.  Referred to Fabio Hernandez at IN2P3 and Michelle Butler at NCSA.

Other Discussion Topics

By topic

Rubin Observatory Network Technical Document Update:  Julio IbarraJeff Kantor

Target to be ready for LCR to LSE-78 and submit LCR to baseline prior to Pre-Verification Review, so need by May 1, 2020.

(NOTE: Potential impacts of Simplified Image Access proposal.)

Rubin Observatory Network Verification: Jeff Kantor

Rubin Observatory Networks needs to be formally verified as ready for System Integration and Commissioning.  2019-07-11 Meeting published a list of requirement to be verified and a diagram of the JIRA test artifacts that must be done. (NOTE: Confluence can't render the JIRA test artifacts attachment, but it is a valid JPG file.  Download it to view it.)  Also Network Verification Plan and Matrix are now superceded by LDM-732 (attached), generated from the LSST V&V JIRA Project (LVV), referenced on LSST-NET home page.

Network Pre-Verification Review charge circulated, review package due May 1, review May 18 - 19 (virtual meeting).

Rubin Observatory Networks, SLAs for Operations: Jeff Kantor

FIU flow-down SLAs provided, will use as template for others.  Waiting for:

Revising Operations Proposal, proposed acceleration of ops funding for networks to implement dedicated path from Boca - Atlanta in FY22.  Proposal update was due for review at the beginning of March, but the proposal submission to the funding agencies is now delayed pending decisions on the expansion of DOE Lab roles in operations. The Directors and Proposal Reviews are not delayed but are descoped in some areas.

Virtual NOC: Jeronimo BezerraRon LambertAlbert AstudilloMatt Kollross Vincenzo Capone

We filled out GlobalNOC network assessment questionnaire. Ed's Advanced North Atlantic (ANA) Consortium, Networks for European, American, and African Research (NEAAR) group is a GlobalNOC customer, neutral and helping to facilitate.  Renewal for ANA transatlantic connections coming up soon, may change links somewhat.  Ed is in these discussions and can be liaison.  EXISTING ACTION ITEM

Network Security:

The US Federal government is asking us to respond to securing networks against exploiting LSST images to find satellites.  The project has drafted a response (DMTN-108) and some of us have provided comments, and JB provided description of options for attenuation monitoring, data encryption at L2, L3.

Network Design and End-to-End Test Plan and QoS planning

Installing perfSonar nodes on summit, in base on LSST Network.

DTN-based testing between LS and NCSA in work.

Need to be ready by April, enable LATISS switch and ComCAM connections.

Other businessAny

NET/SAACC Meetings will be virtual meetings.  Will consider time zones and splitting into multiple virtual meetings.  West Coast USA - France is time span.  Could start at 0800 PT and go most of a single day as well.

Aluizio Hazen - SP - SCL spectrum link: RNP having some problems SP - Curitiba, RNP decided to run plan "b" to work around this, will swap capacity with Northern Brazil, go SP - Porto Alegre.  Document in internal review, start provider notifications next week.  Process from DCIs to establish connection between RedClara - REUNA in Santiago, launched this Monday.  May have some impact, still analyzing.  Need RNP, REUNA, RedClara to discuss.  No revised date at this point, will report back in a few weeks.

Wrap up and next meeting

Wrap up and Next meetings: 


 Virtual Face to Face NET meeting in Miami (following SAACC meeting)

All meetings at 0800 PT/0900 MT/1000 CT/1100 ET/1200 CLT (subject to time changes)

Action items