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Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Got some review comments on DM-19903; has responded, waiting for reviewer to come back to him.
  • Also working on DM-21221 (PTC code should output a linearizer).
    • Writing out both a polynomial fit and a LUT.
    • Should be persisted in a form that can be used by other code.
    • Struggling with persisting the LUT; see conversation on #dm-science-pipelines. This has spawned DM-23023, which is blocking; Chris is planning to work on that this week.
      • Currently, the type of linearizer is hard-coded in the camera package; should be made customizable on DM-23023.
    • Let's make this into three Jira tickets — one to capture the algorithmic work so far, one to capture persistence work, then a final evaluation of performance.
  • DM-21720 is next on the list. Had some minor technical troubles, but has suggestions for what to try next (see comments on the ticket).
  • Ran a PTC measurement task on BOT data.
    • Is able to produce gains, noise, etc; has produced histograms.
    • Now on DM-22168.
    • Andrés will be reporting on this at the Camera team meeting tomorrow.
  • In the future, will work with Christopher Waters on DM-21786.

Christopher Waters

  • Spent last week working through small tickets.
  • Next coming up on DM-21212 (Gen3 conversion of CP Pipe); hoping to have that done this week.
  • Then getting the new BF code into Gen3 (DM-22776).
    • Dan has done the coding work here, but Chris is testing/consulting.
    • There are some tricky Gen3 issues here.
  • And DM-23023 (see above).

Merlin Fisher-Levine  (missed the meeting; later conversation)

  • DM-18683 merge.
  • Now working on Spectractor.
    • Currently just getting back up to speed.
  • All hands on deck for AuxTel commissioning.
    • Except first data with a warm detector this week, first data with a cold detector about the 21st.
    • May not get spectroscopic data until 15 February.
  • Merlin has told the AuxTel team that he is at their disposal, but hasn't had any requests yet.
  • Russell asked for help with DM-23034 (updates to the Collimated Beam Projector ticket).
    • Merlin will file an RFC to get this to added to lsst_distrib, to avoid bit rot.