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Merlin Fisher-Levine  —

  • Working on DM-22405.
  • Nearly done, but saw some curious bugs regarding points moving around; now resolved.
  • Wants to rebase DM-18683 against that after it has merged.
  • Then finishing DM-18683 should be straightforward.
  • Then aiming to get Spectractor online by the end of the year.
  • May also be some other preparatory work for AuxTel.
  • Thinking about crosstalk LCR at Wil's request (LCR-1923).
    • Merlin will write up some notes and send to Eric B., Wil, John Swinbank.
    • Christopher Waters wonders if we could crosstalk-correct in catalog space, based on likely position of crosstalk contamination.
      • Worry that this might interfere with AP dataflow & introduce a cross-detector sync point.

Christopher Waters  —

  • LVV-57 coming in December sprint.
    • Apply a current detrend and measure statistics on the result.
    • Will write a skeleton task that will do all those operations, and then define in the future what the target statistics will be.
    • Imagine it living in cp_pipe.
    • Merlin Fisher-Levine notes overlap with commissioning needs / rapid_analysis.
    • We agreed that Chris should take a look at what Merlin has done, but is free to go ahead with his own work in cp_pipe.
  • cp_pipe conversion for bias/dark/flats Gen3 coming this week.
    • Dealing with an ... extensive review.
    • There will be demo of Gen3 middleware next week (on Wednesday 18th).

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón —

  • Talked to Parejko regarding DM-19903. 
    • Came up with a set of unit tests, which are now implemented.
    • Now gone to review for Parejko.
  • Has been ill, but now getting back up to speed.
  • Now working on defects files for AuxTel, DM-18749.
    • Hit a problem regarding metadata; figuring this out with the help of #dm-science-pipelines.
    • Does not seem to be blocked on this.
  • Ultimately heading towards DM-22522.
    • Some discussions with Eric Charles on this, but not currently Andrés focus.