11:00 Eastern; 08:00 Project/Pacific Time. bluejeans.com/426716450



Merlin Fisher-Levine :

  • Working on DM-18683.
    • But started tidying up data structures used within PTC code (DM-22405)
    • And then started getting weird failures.
      • Is there a change control issue here? Merlin will look into it (briefly).
      • It is bad if stuff works in the previous release but not this one, unless 
    • The guts of the of the BF kernel estimation rely on the gain estimation routines in the PTC code.
    • Expecting this to take at least a week of wall-clock time, but not a week of merlin brain-time.
  • Then switching back to Spectractor (per meeting of last week).

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón:

  • Will be chatting with Parejko to work on DM-19903.
  • Then focusing on finishing technical tickets as listed in 2019-11-26 Planning for the S20A Cycle, starting with DM-18749 then DM-21720.
  • Made some progress on DM-21786, but hit another problem.
    • This seems to be an algorithmic issue; Andrés is working on it.