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Default schedule is second Thursday of Month.

0800 PT/0800 MST/1000 CT/1130 ET/1200 CT

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  • Coordination of networking activities across LSST

Discussion items






NET Action Items Status

Reminder: Work on your action items: International Communications (aka Long-Haul Networks)

Documentation updates schedule:

August - LSST Joint NSF/DOE Status Review will establish new overall project schedule, commissioning milestones.  Observing with ComCam pushed back and shortened, observing with FullCam pushed back. We updated Network Milestones sheet accordingly. COMPLETE (See attachment)

September - Created FY20 contract amendments for FIU, REUNA, NCSA. 

October - Complete LSST Change Request to update LSE-309 Summit - Base ITC Design Document (including Summit and Base networks) and related milestones in PMCS. Submit LSST Change Request to update LSE-78 LSST Observatory Network Design (including Chilean, International, and US networks) and related milestones in PMCS.  Including updated diagrams, including ESnet, etc.

November - Develop complete LSST Network Verification Plan (including JIRA).  See discussion below.

December - Develop draft LSST Operations Network SLAs.  See discussion below.

Update on CONUS Networks

CONUS Networks, including ESnet:

2 x 20 Gbps paths from Atlanta to Chicago built. Waiting for the AL2S portion to be built from Atlanta southwards.  2 options:

  • connect directly w/2 ports (plan A) cost arrangement
  • connect via Southern Crossroads Exchange point (SOX) (plan B) no cost

Haven't received quote from internet2 for ports in Atlanta.  High priority.  Julio Ibarralead on this with internet2.  Need to resolve co-location discussion, Jacksonville.

Jeff Kantor ComCam will be on test stand in Chile and start to transfer files to NCSA by ~April.  Jeff Kantoradded to milestones sheet.

Chilean/International Networks Update

Developments in La Serena and end-to-end service to NCSA for upcoming Auxiliary Telescope Traffic and general (internet, mail, voice) traffic:

LSST DWDM from Summit - Base to be upgraded with 2 x 100 G cards for general traffic week of October 7.  40 x 10G cards are still in there, but they need to move a 20x10G card to different slot.  Hope to have moved in November trip, need at least a 20x10G card working for DAQ over DWDM test.

DWDM service intervals and recent summit - caseta attenuation issue.  REUNA usually just cleans filters.  Fibers are usually okay as long as not touched, don't need frequent service.  Attenuation issue happened maybe because equipment sat in storage for a long time.  But there were no alarms. Ron LambertAlbert AstudilloDue diligence follow up on this problem.

REUNA DWDM from La Serena - Santiago 100G upgrade was planned for week of October 14, now week of November 11.  Jeronimo Bezerrawill come to LS after setting up in Santiago.

AuxTel spectrograph reported as ready for ship to Chile, but no firm date yet.  Still have problems with AuxTel mount and missing software deployment.  ATS observing now likely after December.  May activate second 10G LS - NCSA.

NCSA - CC-IN2Pe Networks updateMatt Kollross

NCSA - CC- IN2P3 network:

There are multiple options from Chicago - Europe, need to define which one and get necessary approvals in place (including "right to use" for LSST operations and VNOC participation).  See attached ANA-RENATER diagram.  Matt Kollrossworking with IN2P3, RENATER, GEANT on default plan going via CANARIE - Amsterdam.  What MOUs do we need in place?  Is this addition to LSST - IN2P3 MOU?  Do we need to pay CANARIE ($ or other)

Other Discussion Topics

By topic

LSST Network Document Update:  Julio IbarraJeff Kantor

New version is ready as soon as we get input from network operators to respond to questions, review document.  Identified members of NET need to complete this by one week before next month meeting  ACTION ITEM

LSST Network Verification: Jeff Kantor

LSST Networks needs to be formally verified as ready for LSST System Integration and Commissioning.  2019-07-11 Meeting published a list of requirement to be verified and a diagram of the JIRA test artifacts that must be done. (NOTE: Confluence can't render the JIRA test artifacts attachment, but it is a valid JPG file.  Download it to view it.)  Also see Network Verification Plan and Matrix, recently updated, on LSST-NET home page (and attached to this meeting page).

Management wants a network readiness review sometime in January/February, need to discuss timing and scope.  Ideally, this would come close after implementation of the ESnet 2 x 20 GB capability.

LSST Network SLAs for Operations: Jeff Kantor

FIU SLA in work, will use as template for others. 

Virtual NOC: Jeronimo BezerraRon LambertAlbert AstudilloMatt Kollross

Report from Ed Moynihan on Global NOC/IU interest in participating in VNOC definition and development

Use case - Recent fiber cut on REUNA segment, how could VNOC improve on outage and recovery notifications?  A proposed list of notifications and data elements:

Fault Notification

  • Where the fault exists
  • What time it occurred
  • Likely prognosis
  • What circuits it affects
  • What circuits are now active to move the traffic.

Recovery Notification

  • Time the failing circuit recovered, with outage time, and traffic reverted back
  • Diagnosis of the fault

(See also email thread on NET mailing list regarding LANautilus outage example)

Network Design and End-to-End Test Plan and QoS planningNeed to finish 100G migration in Chile to resume work on this.  Was planned for October, now November.

Other businessAny

Wrap up and next meeting

Wrap up and Next meetings:



All meetings at 0800 PDT/0800 MST/1000 CDT/1100 EDT/1100 CLT (subject to time changes)

Action items 

  • Matt Kollross Work with IN2P3, RENATER, GEANT on default plan going via CANARIE - Amsterdam, produce diagram of paths (primary, secondary).  Define: What MOUs do we need in place?  Is this addition to LSST - IN2P3 MOU?  Do we need to pay CANARIE ($ or other)  
  •  Jeff KantorSchedule VNOC notification discussion meeting with entire NET  
  • Ed Moynihan Schedule meeting with Jeff KantorJulio Ibarra, Phil DeMar to discuss IU/GRNOC assistance in defining/elaborating VNOC requirements/design 
  •  Albert Astudillo , Jeronimo BezerraRon Lambert , Renata Frez, Matt Kollross Need to complete review, input to LSST Network Document