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Default schedule is second Thursday of Month.

 0830 PT/0830 MST/1030 CT/1130 ET/1230 CT

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+1.408.740.7256 (US (San Jose))
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Meeting ID: 941 951 730

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Meeting ID: 941 951 730

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  • Coordination of networking activities across LSST

Discussion items






NET Action Items Status

Reminder: Work on your action items: International Communications (aka Long-Haul Networks)

Documentation updates schedule:

August - LSST Joint NSF/DOE Status Review will establish new overall project schedule, commissioning milestones.  Observing with ComCam pushed back and shortened, observing with FullCam pushed back. We updated Network Milestones sheet accordingly. COMPLETE (See attachment)

September - working on LSST Change Request to update LSE-309 Summit - Base ITC Design Document (including Summit and Base networks) and related milestones in PMCS.  Also creating FY20 contract amendments for FIU, REUNA, NCSA.

October - LSST Change Request to update LSE-78 LSST Observatory Network Design (including Chilean, International, and US networks) and related milestones in PMCS.  Need updated diagrams, including ESnet, etc.

Jeff Kantor We will start to include NCSA - CC-IN2P3 information as it will need to be implemented by ANA circuits, participate in VNOC, etc.

Matt Kollross Raw Image Data will go every day to CC-IN2P3 for purposes of having 3 copies of data (for disaster recovery), processing does not require this fast (since CC-IN2P3 will not do Prompt/Alert Processing).  Computing is based on NCSA and CC-IN2P3  each processing half of data for Data Releases.  There will not be any connection between processing at NCSA and processing at CC-IN2P3

November - Develop complete LSST Network Verification Plan (including JIRA).  See discussion below.

December - Develop draft LSST Operations Network SLAs.  See discussion below.

Update on CONUS Networks

CONUS Networks, including ESnet:

LSST Continental US Networks Implementation Team (CNIT), sub team of LSST NET

Scope:  All Florida - Illinois connectivity

Team Members: 

Paul Wefel (Team lead), Kate Robinson, Gizella Kapus - ESnet

Jeronimo Bezerra - FIU/AmLight

Matt Kollross - NCSA

John Hicks - internet2 (tertiary path and Miami - Atlanta link until operations)

Ex officio/Management:

Julio Ibarra - FIU/AmLight

Kate Mace, Inder Monga - ESnet

Jeff Kantor - LSST

Wil O'Mullane - LSST

Phil DeMar - LSST Network Operations/FNAL

Paul Wefel We are currently working to bridge gap from LSST to ESnet in Atlanta.

Jeronimo Bezerra From Jacksonville to Atlanta use AL2S (good for FY20).  Fiber between Boca and Atlanta goal is to be in place by September 2020, talking to provides.  ACTION ITEM

Chilean/International Networks Update

Developments in La Serena and end-to-end service to NCSA for upcoming Auxiliary Telescope Traffic and general (internet, mail, voice) traffic:

Albert Astudillo Working with service provider, will have 40 Gb LS - Santiago in October.  Equipment already on hand.  Will have VLANs to support automatic fail-over.  Prefer to use 100G interface to AmLight.

Jeronimo Bezerra We currently have 2 VLANs with 10G connectivity between Santiago and Miami (path diverse).  Using 1 VLAN to Chicago.  LS - Santiago currently 10G, upgrade to 100G in October.  Will use 100G LR4 transceivers on both sides with LS - SCL.

Discussion Topics

LSST Network Document Update from April Santiago Meeting:  Julio Ibarra Jeff Kantor

Draft sent out in email, need input, comments from NET.  Targeting end of August to complete.  Jeff Kantordid first revisions and turned into google doc.  Julio IbarraNow has lead on gathering comments, inputs from all others.

(We will also decide on boundary between this document and LSE-78, and how to manage documents for future updates.)

Debrief on TICAL Conference/LSST Workshop  - 

TICAL: Jeff Kantor presented talk (previously circulated)

Albert Astudillo Liked tools demonstrated by Ed Moynihan.

Ed Moynihan - Demonstrated NetSage, potentially valuable to LSST.  Not real-time, but useful for analysis of historical data. Under development, based on Grafana.

LSST Workshop:  Jeff KantorMatt Kollross (remote), Albert Astudillo Heidi Morgan attended from NET


Vincenzo Capone GEANT - Updating document shortly with results.  Now understand each other's current situation and requirements.  Focused on transatlantic path.  Already understand in US and France.  Main new understanding is that the procurement/provisioning of the transatlantic path will be somewhat more formal approval, but fits within "business as usual" model for ANA, GEANT.  Currently 4 x 100 Gb path diverse fibers, Japanese procuring a 5th soon.  ESnet also has 4 x 100 GB links and ESnet and ANA have mutual backup agreement.

Laurent Gyde RENATER - We currently have 2 x 10 Gb dedicated bandwidth for LSST Paris - Lyon, can go to 40G in 2020, will be at 100G in 2021-22.  We are able to connect to GEANT in Paris and Geneva.

LSST Network Verification:

We are now approaching time when LSST Networks will need to be formally verified as ready for LSST System Integration and Commissioning.  2019-07-11 Meeting published a list of requirement to be verified and a diagram of the JIRA test artifacts that must be done. (NOTE: Confluence can't render the JIRA test artifacts attachment, but it is a valid JPG file.  Download it to view it.)  Also see Network Verification Plan and Matrix, etc. on LSST-NET home page.

Need to formally capture in JIRA, set schedules, etc.

LSST Network SLAs for Operations:

Jeff Kantor  to start putting in place, work with Robert Blum, Director for LSST Operations.  We know these will not be typical commercial (e.g. financial penalties) but we need to set expectations and resource levels.

Virtual NOC:

This will be included in SLAs. Discussed in workshop.   Indiana University potential to be involved.  Ed Moynihan will connect with Global NOC and IRNC people who do this sort of work, connect with Jeff Kantorand eventually entire LSST NET.

Network Design and End-to-End Test Plan and QoS planningNeed to finish 100G migration in Chile to resume work on this.

Monet Spectrum updateNow have 200G wave (2 x 100, 1 of them dedicated to LSST). Sao Paolo - Boca Raton - Miami.  Working to extend Sao Paolo - Santiago, 2 x 100G waves, (1 for LSST, other shared).  Co-location in ATL next year, we will connect 100G wave all the way (Primary path)

Other businessAny

Jeff Kantor LSST Operations funding is a separate award and agreement. NSF has to approve Ops proposal.
Proposal update will be submitted in March 2020. Expects result by April.
Originally, LSST signed up international partners that will contribute cash to operations due to expected shortage of ops funds from NSF, DOE.  Now funding agencies say they will fund ops, but will accept ops funding offsets or value-added science for data rights.  For example, spectrographic scanning would be of value to LSST, that would likely grant data access rights.

Wrap up and next meeting

Wrap up and Next meetings:




All meetings at 0800 PDT/0800 MST/1000 CDT/1100 EDT/1100 CLT (subject to time changes)

Action items 

  •  Jeronimo Bezerra Add diagrams for FY20, FY21 paths into google doc. Remind PW about quote from I2.  
  •  Matt Kollross , Vincenzo Capone Lead development of documentation of Disaster Recovery and distributed Data Release processing-driven network requirements and NCSA - CC-IN2P3 implementation for LSE-78 (or new LSE-xx document   
  • Vincenzo Capone Produce diagram showing implementation of Chicago - Lyon link  
  •  Jeff KantorAdd Vincenzo, Laurent, Xavier, Ed to lsst-net mailing list