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  • What is next on the roadmap, after defects/PTC?
    • Should we be writing more code? Comparing with Camera outputs?
  • Merlin: need to start putting in quality assurance output infrastructure during processing and at the outputs of each particular phase to see how well calibration products production is working.
    • For example: how well behaved are the overscans? When you bias subtract a bias, does it look flat? Need summary statistics from the overscan plotting their shape.
    • Existing documentation (DMTN-101) does directly translate into code.
    • This is broadly the equivalent of having “metrics” for the Calibration Products Pipeline.
    • Need to catch bad inputs and reject/warn about them.
  • There are also many products that we do not currently generate.
    • e.g. linearity corrections.
    • Can we write a prioritised list of calibration products to generate?
    • Next priority is identified as linearity.
  • Short term goal is to get “basic” PTC task merged (DM-20069); requires John Swinbank to do rebasing magic.
  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón is continuing to work on the “enhanced” PTC task (DM-20070).
    • Plagued by many minor issues.
    • Encouraged him to submit code for review as soon as he has something minimal working: better to get eyes on the codebase sooner than later.
  • Following that, there are two work packages:
    • Linearity.
    • Review the existing metrics measurement system, and determine to what extent it can be applied to QA of calibration products production.