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Unknown User (aguyonnet) —

  • DESC meeting last week. Useful sessions on:
    • Cadence, defining metrics for various scientific goals. The first time this has happened at the DESC meeting.
    • LSST+Euclid. Do we compare catalogs, or do we compare pixels? Much investment in the UK on this.
  • DESC hack day on Friday. Worked with postdoc from Berkeley who is interested in MERRA-2 data.
  • Got referee report from Eli on the paper.
    • Working on this right now; plots will be done tomorrow.
    • More difficult part is to address questions of relevance to LSST; translating numbers to magnitudes. Augustin wants to address this by clarifying the scope of the paper.

Merlin Fisher-Levine  —

  • Parejko has already reviewed defects code; will be adding docstrings and responding to the review now; taking a day or two over the week.
  • And then working on the interface between Atmospec and Spectractor.
    • Aiming to come up with a proof-of-concept of this before 20 August.
    • Keeping in close contact with Jeremy.

Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Been trying to decipher the code from the Pierre's!
    • Reading their paper.
    • Understanding their code.
  • And figure out how to interface with the stack.