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Default schedule is second Thursday of Month.

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  • Coordination of networking activities across LSST

Discussion items











NET Action Items Status

Update on ESnet agreement

Reminder: Work on your items

ESnet: Procurement is completed,  forming LSST US Networks Implementation team.

Scope:  All Florida - Illinois connectivity

Team Members: 

Paul Wefel (Team lead), Kate Robinson, Gizella Kapus - ESnet

Jeronimo Bezerra - FIU/AmLight

Matt Kollross - NCSA

John Hicks - internet2 (tertiary path and Miami - Atlanta link until operations)

Ex officio/Management:

Julio Ibarra - FIU/AmLight

Kate Mace, Inder Monga - ESnet

Jeff Kantor - LSST

Wil O'Mullane - LSST

Network Design and End-to-End Test Plan and QoS planning

New generation of AmLight switches in lab, shipping to destinations in November.  No impact on activation of any links.

Discussion Topics

LSST Network Document Update from April Santiago Meeting:  Julio Ibarra

Outline from the agenda developed, populating sections from network operators, bridging information from first report into this one.  Expect to distribute draft in August NET meeting.

LSST Network Verification:

We are now approaching time when LSST Networks will need to be formally verified as ready for LSST System Integration and Commissioning.  Attached is a list of requirements to be verified and a diagram of the JIRA test artifacts that must be done.  Also see Network Verification Plan and Matrix, etc. on LSST-NET home page.

Need to formally capture in JIRA, set schedules, etc.

TICAL Conference/LSST Workshop  - 

Attending TICAL: Jeff KantorMatt KollrossJulio IbarraHeidi Morgan

Pending confirmation of paper, Jeronimo Bezerrawill amend with comments.

Attending Workshop:  Jeff KantorMatt KollrossAlbert Astudillo , Jeronimo Bezerra Heidi Morgan


LSST Network SLAs for Operations:

Need to start putting in place, work with Robert Blum , Director for LSST Operations

Virtual NOC:

Follow up on last Face to Face NET meeting.

Other businessAny

Jeronimo Bezerra Monet Spectrum update:

All equipment will be installed in SP next week, Florida is already installed.  Activate 400 Gbps (100 Gbps dedicated to LSST) by 

Wrap up and next meeting

Wrap up and Next meetings:





All meetings at 0800 PDT/0800 MST/1000 CDT/1100 EDT/1100 CLT (subject to time changes)

Action items