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Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Continuing to work on DM-20069.
  • Focus on DM coding standards.
  • Ready for review; suggested sending to Parejko.
  • Then will follow-up with DM-20070.
  • Will be out next week.

Merlin Fisher-Levine

  • Will be in Paris for DESC PCWG Tuesday – Friday next week.
    • There will be a “working session” on AuxTel data at the meeting.
  • Will be back Monday 15 July, but then away 16 through 21 July.
  • Spent the last week on atmospec development.
  • Discussion of the merits of code review on large new packages.
  • Now turning to look at PSF fitting; getting this work on the spectral data will be “challenging”.