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Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón

  • Action on John Swinbank  from last week to set up a call with Robert Lupton to discuss work on AuxTel hasn't been done.
  • Worked last week on the ticket about writing the PTC code; making good progress.
  • Family trip to Columbia caused some delay.
  • Will be attending DES collaboration meeting.

Merlin Fisher-Levine

  • Making good progress on atmospec ticket.
  • Being a bad person as far as git and Jira are concerned!
    • But nothing serious.

Unknown User (aguyonnet)

  • Gave a presentation at the PCWG telecon.
    • On the MERRA-2 paper.
    • Had the impression that astronomers are sceptical about MERRA-2; push back that water vapour is not well measured by satellites.
    • Question: how well is the PWV determined on islands such as Hawii, when most measurements are over the ocean.
    • Augustin working on answering this now.
  • SNFactory talk proposed to Thursday.
    • Gives some more time to prepare.
    • Some PCWG members are also SNFactory members.
    • Some doubt from them about what their atmospheric parameters actually mean. Augustin will try to understand what this means.
  • Next Monday at 14:00 Paris: another meeting in Paris.
    • Atmospheric transmission and spectral extractions.
    • Augustin will join this.
    • Good progress made by groups in France re-analysing “our” CTIO data with their spectral extraction software.
    • Merlin Fisher-Levine trying to get access to the same data for comparison purposes.