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  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón
    • Working on DM-17490.
      • Trying to get this with AuxTel data as well as TS8.
      • This overlaps with DM-18050 - DM-18053, which we can assign to Andrés.
    • Struggling with weird AuxTel data issues in order to get this going; working with Merlin on these.
    • Follow-up on DESC meeting: working with the Pierres to get feedback on current plans.
      • Including paying more attention to CTE.
      • Also BF effect.
    • Discussion about AuxTel data taking: still struggling to understand exactly which data is arriving when.
      • Aim to tighten the DM feedback loop.
      • We agreed that in the first instance we should just ask Patrick to take the data we need, and see if that works.
      • Andres will do this, and let us know if it works — effectively, asking for a new CAP-203 - Getting issue details... STATUS style dataset being made available at NCSA.
        • Update (by Andrés): I asked Patrick; he offered to retake the data but under the same parameters (only difference: adding GROUPID keyword). 
          That would not make a difference with respect to the current data I have, so I said that in that case we should decide (with Robert, Tony, Kirk, Merlin, Pierre^2, etc.)
          what parameters should be changed, if any, when taking new data. In particular, Robert and I and others were wondering if the bias voltage (VBB) should/could be increased 
          to improve the diffusion (which seems bad when looking at the cosmics in darks). He confirmed that the current VBB=-24V, as per the parameters in the comments of CAP-193 
          (comment by Tony). 

  • Merlin Fisher-Levine
    • “Talking to people”
    • Struggling with lack of information in headers to help Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón.
    • Todo list is to work through the outstanding AuxTel pipeline tickets.
    • Would like a bunch of monochromatic flats; he will work with the ATS team to get this.
    • Monster PR from Craig Lage handling BF in cp_pipe; will need a bunch of work from DM for review/acceptance.
      • Merlin has suggested some prep work that Craig should do before we adopt this.
      • Then a DM developer should adopt the PR and fix it up before merging.
      • Merlin suggests that these changes are well worth having and are being validated by DESC.
  • Unknown User (aguyonnet)
    • Activities we identified 2019-02-25 — status updates?
      • Fitting —  DM-18109 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Finish writing paper, have it read by co-authors (this is already ticketed)
      • Comparison with SNFactory data (this is really attacking point 3, above) (should make a ticket for this)
        • The usefulness of this is predicated on how much we believe the SNFactory results — are we finding errors in SNFactory, or in our analysis of MERRA2?
        • We should get out of this a list of “lessons learned from SNFactory” that we can apply to running the AuxTel instrument; it's not useful just to simply say that our results are different.
        • Should result in a report which says “do the following things carefully” in AuxTel analysis.