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  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón
    • At DESC meeting this week.
    • Preparing for joint DM-DESC session on ISR this week.
    • Continuing to find defects; getting stuck in the details.
      • Working through what all the flags, etc mean.
      • Yusra is helping with this.
  • Merlin Fisher-Levine
    • Merging the “big ticket” this week; this is the first version of the AuxTel pipeline.
    • Will make a bunch of follow-up tickets; these are straightforward.
    • Following these follow-up tickets, there will need to be closer discussion with Robert Luptonon what comes next.
    • Just got given a new batch of data over the weekend; some changes to headers and formatting.
      • A lot of “features” in the data; trying to understand the configuration of the hardware.
      • Will schedule a chat with Patrick to understand these.
    • Lots of scope for Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagónto look at the data.
    • Hoping for wavelength scans; Robert Luptonsays that's about a month off;  CAP-203 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
  • Unknown User (aguyonnet)
    • Vacation last week.
    • Providing brief summary of work to date for RHL.
    • Suggestion for next activity from Unknown User (aguyonnet):
      • Compare work to date with SNFactory data.
      • Implement extraction of MERRA2 data in DM stack.
    • Interesting questions:
      1. If MERRA is correct, what is its impact on photometry?
      2. If MERRA is correct and we model it, how well can we do?
      3. Is MERRA correct?
    • Addressing point 2 above requires fitting, which Unknown User (aguyonnet)is not currently doing.
    • Fitting probably should be done using a Gaussian Process.
    • Activities:
      • Fitting (should make a ticket for this)
      • Finish writing paper, have it read by co-authors (this is already ticketed)
      • Comparison with SNFactory data (this is really attacking point 3, above) (should make a ticket for this)
        • The usefulness of this is predicated on how much we believe the SNFactory results — are we finding errors in SNFactory, or in our analysis of MERRA2?
        • We should get out of this a list of “lessons learned from SNFactory” that we can apply to running the AuxTel instrument; it's not useful just to simply say that our results are different.
        • Should result in a report which says “do the following things carefully” in AuxTel analysis.
  • John Swinbank out next three weeks.
    • Next meeting  .