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  • Unknown User (aguyonnet)  sends his apologies and writes:
    • I now understand the discrepancy of the results for AODs in the Chile region :
      • I have extensively look at AOD profiles at various (latitude, longitude) and the strong variability is due to the transition between the ocean and the Andes; at a given altitude, the mean level and variability are ~3time higher above lands.
      • I have added a comment to the last ticket + attached a plot showing the evolution of AOD as a function of longitude.
    • I have updated all the relevant figures of the paper,  https://www.overleaf.com/8459192487vgsxsbzxwwrq, in particular adding a new one which summarizes how MERRA-2 can be used to predict and decompose the overnight variability of the atmospheric transparency.
    • Now that I have all the results that were relevant, I shall finish editing the paper and have it read by the co-authors (last week of February), So, hopefully, start the LSST internal review of the paper at the beginning of March.
    • We could discuss what to do next by then?
      • The proposal from the science perspective is to check these MERRA-2 predictions against telescopes data (straightforward to do that with the SNF data).
  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón status update.
    • Continuing to work on TS8 defect ticket  DM-17490 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Lots of help from Merlin Fisher-Levine.
      • Have been overcoming a bunch of bugs en route, lots of tickets opened, lots of code fixed.
      • Has identified some hot pixels; now thinking of how to get cold pixels.
    • Met with Pierres and Andrei about what's happening at the DESC meting.
      • DM will explain what we're actually doing — existing pipelines, get feedback, etc.
      • Then keep discussing how to best get help from DESC.
      • Discussing how to use AuxTel data for DM & DESC's benefit.
      • Session will happen Wednesday of next week.
      • Merlin Fisher-Levine & Christopher Waters will try to join by videocon.
  • Merlin Fisher-Levine :
    • Was ill last week.
    • Struggling with fit instabilities.
    • Merlin will finish off the work he's currently doing on the AuxTel pipeline, then mark a bunch of things of todo and create tickets for all the possible enhancements.
      • That will enable us to claim success on the work done to date.
    • Struggling with documentation.
      • How do mask planes work?
      • Background estimation?
    • The various different doc systems, and lack of material which has been ported from Doxygen to Sphinx, is still a problem.
    • Agreed that filing documentation tickets would be helpful.
    • John Swinbank is a useless wretch, who has not yet tracked down the AuxTel data collection schedule.