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11:00 Eastern; 08:00 Project/Pacific Time.



  • No travel requests submitted for DESC?
    • Status of DM-SAWG discussion?
      • Will be happening as far as we know.
    • Andres making TR today.
  • Unknown User (aguyonnet)
    • Status of paper.
      • Last time we spoke, expecting it to be ready for submission in February.
      • Recall it will have to go through the LSST publication process.
      • Working on the abstract now.
    • Giving an invited talk on BF for Euclid next week.
    • Still painfully downloading MERRA data; hopefully done today.
  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón
    • Progress with identifying defects?  DM-17490 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Merlin helped with getting TS8 data.
        • Took quite a while, but was useful.
        • A lot of introduction to the stack and how this works.
      • Took a first pass through identifying bright pixels in a master dark.
      • Next step to look at cold pixels on a flat field.
      • Then compare to what Jim Chiang is doing in eotest.
    • Did we make progress with the old TS3 data / astro_metadata_translator? Any tickets filed? (We agreed to ticket and put this on the back-burner last week).
      • Yes, Tim J. has been dealing with this.
      • Apparently there is a secret Slack chat involving Merlin and others regarding which data sources should be supported in future, do we support “vendor data”, etc.
    • SAWG interactions / giant table updates?
      • Further meeting this week.
  • Merlin Fisher-Levine
    • There is still no todo list on  DM-16699 - Getting issue details... STATUS ?!
    • But did write a bunch of code.
    • Expecting to have a zeroth-order pipeline in 1.5 weeks.
    • Would like timeline for good quality biases, darks, arc-lamp spectra from the lab.
      • Need to know details of the arc lamp in use as well.