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Full agenda for PCW on

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MONDAY 12th AUGUST in Coronado 1

13:30 - 15:00

TimeTopicPresenterSuggested byNotes
13:30Welcome and brief DM highlights and plans
13:50Staffing changesIntroduce new arrivals; acknowledge recent/upcoming departures
14:00AWS Gen3 execution demo
14:30Gen3 Portathon Kick-OffDMLTslides
14:48Hack session notes

Describe the plan for the DM Hack Sessions throughout the meeting. Effectively, that means people can work on the Gen 3 Portathon and/or their other projects. Collaboration with others is encouraged.

Note that at Hack Session 2 (Tuesday at 13:30) Eric Charles will give a demo of tools he has been working on for analyzing test stand data.

Anybody else who wants to give demos is welcome: ping me, and I will add them to the session agenda.

14:50Group photo-With hoodies!