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Meeting Notes

  • Work on DM-15756 delayed by work on AuxTel pipelines.
    • But he will return to this really soon now, honest.
  • AuxTel pipelines making progress.
    • Data is “buttleable”.
    • Code for using with “fake gains” exists.
    • But even with that, the data doesn't look all that flat.
    • Adequate to use this in the short term.
    • Task framework runs.
    • Work is happening on DM-16699; Merlin Fisher-Levine will update this with a “todo list” of things which have to happen on this ticket.
  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón :
    • At the detector meeting in Pasadena.
    • Continuing to work on detector effects matrix. 
    • This is going well; should touch base before the holidays and make sure that we have a clear finishing line, but for now building up expertise and understanding is great.
  • Unknown User (aguyonnet) :
    •  “Finished first pass on global assimilation” — work that has been going on since September since aerosols.
      • Slides available;  DM-16780 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
    • What comes next?
      • Use actual barometric pressure profile in libradtran.
      • Following discussions, Unknown User (aguyonnet)agrees with the model of splitting the work into a spectral extraction and atmospheric fitting part; he will not push for a single document.
      • Would be interesting to write another technote describing the MERRA data analysis directly; this could be a technote, but also a publication.
      • (Also A further paper, discussing PSF modelling, not on Augustin's plate.)
      • Seb Bongard has already been in touch with Robert LuptonJohn Swinbankshould follow up with Robert and make sure we're  all on the same page.