11:00 Eastern; 08:00 Project/Pacific Time. bluejeans.com/426716450



Meeting Notes

  • Delays on BF and AuxTel due to illness and life; nothing to report.
  • Unknown User (aguyonnet) :
    • Resolved disagreement between SNFactory and MERRA-2 on aerosol level; depends on tracking humidity.
      • This means there are fifteen separate components being tracked, taking into account specific humidity.
    • Will now rerun all AOD determination based on this, and is hoping that this gets better agreement.
      • If it gets worse, we'll “give up on aerosols”.
    • Will ticket this work.
    • DMTN-097:
      • This is readable, but not yet interesting to read; it says things that everybody knows.
      • Should update the DM plan to include the inclusion of external data.
      • Unknown User (aguyonnet) asserts that spectral extraction from AuxTel cannot proceed without an external Ozone determination, and therefore that a description of that belongs in this document.
        • We agree that if these exist in the same software, then this is the case.
        • This is exactly the sort of material we should be capturing in the tech note.