• Current status of  DM-12733 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
  • Current status of AuxTel pipeline planning.
  • Tech note DMTN-097.
  • Status of target star selection.
    • Is this ticketed?

Meeting Notes

Brighter Fatter

  • Merged this, but still need to do homework to close the epic.

Status of AuxTel pipeline planning

  • Has identified some AuxTel lab data which will form a test dataset for pipeline development.
  • Has started writing some data model by copying from PFS.
  • Merlin Fisher-Levine will create some more tickets to capture the work in progress; it goes beyond  DM-15507 - Getting issue details... STATUS  which is only 6 SPs.


  • Appeared this morning.
  • Still some more work to be done to get the formatting right; is iterating on this with Jonathan Sick .
  • Everybody else should go and read it!
  • Still missing catalogue of stars.
  • Comparing 3D aerosol data with MERRA-2.
  • Comparing transmission curves from SNFactory & MERRA-2 (derived by Unknown User (aguyonnet)).
  • Next step is to do the same with 3D aerosol parameters.
    • Based on the answer received from MERRA team, but still needs some more understanding.
  • Focusing on a subset of observations from SNFactory which are from “photometric nights”.
  • Ongoing discussions with SNFactory team to develop the best method for measuring aerosols.
  • Expecting this to converge on the timescale of Christmas.

Next week