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Network switch replacement04:0007:00
  • physically rack the new (preconfigured) switch
  • move connections
  • check configuration and functionality
  • check systems attached to the switch
  • break the other two switches out from the existing network and convert them to the new model
verification cluster
PDAC environment
adm01, backup01, monitor01, bastion01, repos01, all object data nodes, gpfs node
OS Updates06:0010:00
all systems & services (except L1 test stand)
Deploy new lsst-dev-db MySQL server04:0010:00
The lsst-db server ( will be replaced with new hardware running MariaDB 10.2. All data will be migrated to the new server ( and the old hostnames will point to the new server (via CNAMEs). Users can test the new server beginning 2017-12-06. It contains a copy of all data from that date. Users have access to MySQL from any remote host.  Most users do not have or need SSH access to this host, but SSH access is limited to only from NCSA’s subnet.
Firmware and OS Updates dev environment05:3008:30Note that the L1 test stand will not be affected.

all LSST Development Servers
lsst-stor141 Storage Server Setup
LSST vSphere
LSST Web Services

OS Updates to cluster environments and PDAC05:3008:30

PDAC environment

verification cluster

Firmware updates on Lenovo nodes05:3008:30
PDAC environment

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